Nic Bertino


I began my career as a web developer working closely with people to design software to make their lives easier. Now, I lead design teams that work within web applications, helping organizations navigate product design in complex software.

I advocate for good design, which is:
  • Inclusive: everyone benefits from the design and its outcomes.
  • Technically performant: an experience is as fast as it can possibly be.
  • Ethical: how a design could cause harm is considered and controlled.
  • The least amount of design: the outcome and value to a person is the primary goal; the design doesn’t get in the way.
  • Measurable: the value of the design can be articulated.
  • Contextual: the design reflects the state in which a person invokes it and adapts to it.
  • Lightweight: attaining a goal or outcome requires as little investment as possible from a user.


Director of User Experience
AppFolio (2019-)

Director of Digital Strategy, Web Services Manager, Director of Technology/Digital Media, Webmaster, Technical Specialist Santa Clara University (2010-2019)

Senior Web Developer
Trumpette, Inc (2008-2010)

Music Producer
Melee, xxvvoo (Forever)


Disco... Ball

Cover and Audio Production (2020)
Cover art for Disco Ball, an album released by xxvvoo in November 2020.


Slide Design (2020)
Burnout title slide

Dance Machines 4 Sale

Cover Art (2020)

Dance Machines 4 Sale Cover Art

Your Tragic Design

Slide Design (2019)

Santa Clara University Design System

Design System Development (2018)
Design system layout example for a blog postPull quote content type example

Mention Engine

Design and Development (2013)

Screenshot of a Mention Engine module, showing a stream of events and blog posts from an author.The Mention Engine brings dynamic content together with people (authors or organizations) to create streams, curated lists of content with common topics, events, news, or people.


Design and Development (2013)
Timeboard homepage with status updates


Design and Development (2014)
Mediaboard digital asset management prototype