Nic Bertino

I’m a California-based user experience leader that loves to make technology that is a joy to use.

What I do best:

  • User research: I help organizations understand who their users are, the contexts in which they will be using a product, and how they use technology through qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  • Front-end Design and Development: I love articulating ideas and solutions in lo-fi wireframes. My 15+ year career in web development means I can design high fidelity prototypes in HTML/CSS/JS quickly and easily. I still love coding!
  • Leadership and Management: I lead teams that are user-centric and focused on delivering. I utilize the same empathy from user research in management as well, finding ways to keep teams productive and happy.
  • Business: My entrepreneurial acumen helps me understand the challenges that businesses face and communicate effectively across levels and responsibilities.

Outside of work, I play a lot of volleyball, go on motorcycle trips, fiddle with analog synthesizers, and try to find the best espresso on Earth.


See a selection of works including the Santa Clara University website, Timeboard, Santa Clara Law, IssueHQ, and more.