Making content creation better with Gutenberg

I think it’s safe to say that Gutenberg has been a fairly controversial product. There has been plenty of friction and anxiety surrounding one of the biggest fundamental changes to WordPress, and as the release nears, those worries are starting to surface. Regardless of the technology, I think everyone understands the core need for something […]

The Nuance of a Preflight Accessibility Audit for Gutenberg

I’ve explained my concerns and ideas for this a few times over Slack and Twitter, and now I’m taking to my blog to jot down some of my release plan concerns for Gutenberg as we approach the mid-November 2018 launch of WordPress 5.0. First, I’m pleased that there is an intent by the elected accessibility […]

QuickCode: Remove garbage from Prompts, make users happier

[code]jQuery("#YOURIDHERE option:first").remove(); jQuery("#YOURIDHERE option:first").remove(); [/code] I’m pretty sure everyone wants to remove the first two options in a prompt at some point in their life. Replace #YOURIDHERE with the ID of the prompt, and run this twice! The first one removes the parameter name – the second one removes the dashes. Easy!