Nic Bertino

Not magic. Just good design.

I began my career as a web developer working closely with people to design software to make their lives easier. Now, I lead design teams that work within web applications, helping organizations navigate product design in complex software.

My goal is to pursue good design. The definition of good design is a moving target; it’s hard to imagine good design now being good design years from now. Here is what I currently hold as good design:

  • Inclusive: everyone benefits from the design and its outcomes.
  • Technically performant: an experience is as fast as it can possibly be.
  • Ethical: how a design could cause harm is considered and controlled.
  • Gives more than it takes.
  • Measurable: the value of the design can be articulated.
  • Contextual: design considers the environment that it is invoked, including other users and their community.
  • Lightweight: attaining a goal or outcome requires as little investment as possible from a user.

Director of User Experience

AppFolio, Inc (2019-)

Director of Digital Strategy, Web Services Manager, Director of Technology/Digital Media, Webmaster, Technical Specialist

Santa Clara University (2010-2019)

Senior Web Developer

Trumpette, Inc (2008-2010)

Music Producer

Melee, xxvvoo (Forever)

Consultant, pizza maker, K-8 educator, open source contributor

Distant Past