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ChiliProject is an open source issue tracking software. It is a fork of Redmine, an extremely popular and well-made tracking application. I know some of us use it at least one of these in our professional lives, and I think it would be great to give back to ChiliProject by hosting a one-day hackathon focused on UX/UI improvements.

Why ChiliProject over Redmine? ChiliProject’s team is more active and takes more contributions from the community, making any work we do more likely to be integrated into a future release. I’ve spoken about the idea with one of the project leads, and they are definitely open to it.

This gives us as enthusiasts and professionals an opportunity to give back to the open source community.

What will we be trying to solve?

ChiliProject definitely improves on Redmine’s UX, but it is still lacking in a few key areas, particularly in the UI. Specifically:

  1. Main bar navigation could be streamlined
  2. Secondary navigation is very busy
  3. Typography could benefit from an overhaul
  4. Many key processes need to be evaluated and streamlined, including the new issue process. For most of these, the functionality is there, but the usability needs some help.

Some secondary objectives on the UI side might possibly be to port to Twitter Bootstrap, Skeleton, or some other responsive framework to make the site viewport friendly. This is an ambitious task, though.

Of course, through the process of examining the UX, more objectives will be realized.

When would we do it?

Saturday June 9th, 2012. I will be able to organize a git server and VM for collaborative use, along with a central location for communication.