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There’s this thing called COGNOS that is made by IBM. It’s a little (huge) webapp that creates reports that help people make better decisions. It just doesn’t automagically create the reports, though – someone has to actually make them through a pretty neat little UI. COGNOS uses Javascript on the frontend, but Javascript can be time consuming and sometimes doesn’t upgrade well.

So being a web developer that has always used jQuery, I had the wonderful idea of combining the two. Usually I’d read some other people’s blogs about their experiences with this. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of resources out there, and they are generally wrong. So that’s what I’ll be using my namespace for; the quest to achieve gorgeous reports using jQuery and COGNOS. Amongst other things.

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  1. Hi Jey,

    Do you have Firebug installed? If so, use the “Inspect Element” feature and click on the TD you would like to see. Once you see that, there should be the UID properties that you can manipulate.

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