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Nic Bertino


My passion is solving problems using technology. My strength is understanding the needs of users and delivering elegant technical solutions that make people’s lives easier. I started this by developing websites in the late 90s and early 2000s, but I have since moved beyond websites and into developing digital experiences. I have also contributed to the experience of physical spaces, designing technology for use in buildings and workspaces.

Happy users are the key to success. In academia, I have employed my skills as a researcher, developer, and project manager to deliver tailored experiences that are constantly evolving. To do this, I work extensively with both internal and external users with widely different needs. My experience and expertise allows me to make educated decisions and bring together teams in an effort to deliver for their users.

As a manager, I employ a very unique environment that focuses on ideation and prototyping. The teams I have led are highly collaborative, cross-functional, and empowered to collectively explore solutions. In my teams, talents are just as important as skills, and that is how I keep my teams motivated and fulfilled by their work.

Outside of work, I play a lot of volleyball, go on motorcycle trips, fiddle with analog synthesizers, and try to find the best espresso on Earth. So far, it resides in Portland!


See a selection of works including the Santa Clara University website, Timeboard, Santa Clara Law, IssueHQ, and more.


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